One Soul's Journey of Love

One Way Ticket To Cairo - A Love Story in Songs and Poems by Sandra Hillawi

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Sandra Hillawi's new book is a love story told in songs and poems. The story of a blessed happy couple in love, propelled onto a star crossed journey by a tragic event.

It is not only a story of tragedy and of struggle, but one of overcoming, of evolution and most importantly of expansion of the heart.

As you read the song lyrics and poems, interspersed with love quotations you will stretch your own heart and be inspired on your own inner journey of love.

The access link to the e-book PDF will be sent to your email address after your purchase.

News of the paperback version will follow later.

A Collection of 58 Songs and Poems 2005 to 2020


1. One Way Ticket to Cairo

2. Five Hours More

3. From Out Of Nowhere

4. King of My Heart

5. Do I Struggle Or Thrive

6. When will Our Time Come

7. I Am Here

8. I Imagine Heaven

9. Valentine

10. From Out of Nowhere

11. It’s Love

12. Happy Birthday Prayer

13. I Wait For You

14. I Feel You

15. Star Crossed

16. Bitter Sweet As Turkish Coffee

17. Everybody’s Angels

18. Beloved One

19. Green Eyes

20. Your Favourite Things

21. Future Me

22. Star

23. Where Is Your Soft Heart

24. I Adore You

25. With You My Dragons

26. Overflow

27. In Your Eyes

28. Absolutely


29. In Land of Pyramids and Sand

30. Love and Light Blessing

31. The Wedding Day

32. The King - A Love Poem

33. Love Is

34. Nobody Cares But We

35. Patience

36. For A Dear Friend

37. Wipe Away Your Tears

38. He Sleeps Alone

39. Heavenly Rose

40. The Roses In My Garden

41. Glorious Sun

42. Now I Go Gently And Quietly

43. Beautiful Breath

44. A Dance of Art

45. Heart Healing Spell

46. The Quiet King

47. One The Passing Of A Loved One

48. When Will The Fires Stop

49. Time Out To Play

50. Warrior Queen

51. The Fault Line

52. Pay With Your Attention

53. Wispy Clouds

54. Storm Drains of The Earth

55. Power of Love

56. Vulnerability

57. Heart Healing

58. Earthly Angels

"Awesome, if you were here I would kiss your hand, profound, deep, reading it for the third time, enjoyed immensely" D.Trueman

"I love it! Every page from the Foreword onwards touched and captured my heart deeply" J.Park

"A gripping love story that takes you on a journey of incredible happiness and gratitude through to pain and hurt to hope and belief in a better future. A real life story expressed through beautifully written Songs and Poems." IL Howarth

"Gosh, this book is addictive! Love it!" H.Gilhooly

Message from Sandra!

"Thank you for joining your heart to mine by purchasing this special collection of my songs and poems.

As you enjoy them and are inspired on your own journey of Love your purchase blesses us in turn on our's.

Thank you."

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