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Healing Pain With Love Videos

Healing pain with love, the simplest natural way to change your experience without drugs, gadgets, lotions or potions and even children can do it.

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Good things can emerge from bad.


Today I was on the phone with my friend Trisha. She had fallen off her bike while careering at full speed down a hill. The heavy impact with the ground shocked her and she ended up with bruised ribs, a broken elbow and pains down her arm.

She sat with me on the phone, arm in a sling, in pain and I suggested we do something for the pain with the energy of love. 


To Trisha it was incredible as she experienced immediate softening and easing. She had never had such an experience like that before. We started with the ribs area and then the arms. She couldn’t believe how differently she felt, free, without pain, able to move more after only 20 minutes in total.


With broken bones and bruising there was still physical healing that needed to take place over time. But her spirit was healed from the shock impact and the emotions of fear. Plus her impatience to be rid of the pain and to be back to work was replaced with a softer connection to herself and a feeling of love and self care that she hadn’t felt for a very long time.


Good things can emerge from bad.


This session inspired me. 'This is so simple. It should be available to more people' I thought.


I myself have been using and teaching these simple powerful methods for healing for 20 years. As an International Trainer in Modern Energy with The Guild of Energists and I am passionate about helping people discover the magic of healing themselves with love.  


I asked myself ...


"How can I bring this help to more people suffering with pain?"


The energy of love can help with so many kinds of pain. It brings not only relief but other things equally precious like reconnecting with love, self care and knowing how to love yourself well.


So I sat down with my camera that day and recorded some videos so that you too can learn Healing Pain With Love for yourself.


Just imagine, if Trisha hadn't fallen off her bike that day, you wouldn't have this opportunity in front of you right now.


I love these miracles of life, don't you?


I'm sure you still have a few questions though ...



What kind of pain can be healed?

Most of our pains and problems in life have origins in stress, unresolved emotions or have an emotional component. These cases respond well to Healing with Love because they are energetic in nature and we are working with energetic methods. In cases where pain is purely physical then we may or may not experience any results, and when we do, we need time for physical healing to take place and other interventions may also be neccesssary.


How do I know if my pain is physical or emotional?

We dont until we try. The energetic component can be anything from 0% to 100%. So we investigate and discover.


How long does it take to feel a change?

Energetic problems respond immediately to energetic methods. So most people start to feel some change within minutes. Of course depending on how complex your history is you may need more time for the journey to wellness.


Does the change last?

Each person's situation is unique. It depends on the complexity of the problem, how much blockage there is in your energy body from your unresolved emotions, and if we can increase energy flow to higher states of happiness and love for lasting change. Also, there may be physical factors and some people have ongoing situations that are challenging. So pain reduction, pain management or pain freedom depends on the individual situation. 


What if I'm taking medications? 

All questions about medications should be with you and your Doctor.


Does it work for everyone?

For sure, we all have a human spirit and emotions and we all get stressed and stuck at times. The energy body responds to energy so yes, it can work on everyone. However, some may have barriers to healing and barriers to different approaches to healing. So though potentially it can work for everyone, in practice, a small percentage of people do not respond.


How do I get started?

Buy the videos Healing Pain With Love and start to engage with them. 

Initially you will be using my guidance and experience in the videos. Soon you will start to undertstand the principles of healing and how to do it yourself as it’s so simple. You will be able to heal many pains of life for yourself and your family for the rest of your life.

Knowledge is power however the greatest power is love itself, for healing and for transformation.


Healing Pain With Love is a beautiful experience too.


Now, you or someone you care about is in pain right now so let’s get to the details.

Here is my video course


Healing Pain With Love


Video 1  The Safe Approach

Video 2 The Guided Session Healing With The Energy Of Love

Video 3  The Tips and Secrets of Better and Faster Results

Value £ 99


Plus Bonus Advanced Videos Healing Your Past

Video 4  Dealing with Complex Histories and Different Kinds of Pain

Video 5  Plotting Your Comprehensive Personal Healing Path

Video 6  Inspiration from Other’s Success

Video 7  The Guided Session Safely Healing A Past Event

Video 8  After Healing What Next?

Total Duration of all the videos is just under 1 hour

Bonus Videos Value £ 199


Total value of all 8 Videos             £298  


What you will gain 

  • Help to change your experience of pain or your money back up to 30 days
  • Knowledge and skills to be able to gain lasting change
  • Knowledge and skills to embark on a more comprehensive healing journey
  • Knowledge and skills to heal many kinds of pain for the rest of your life
  • Knowledge and skills to help your family and friends ... love is simple afterall and for sharing
  • Knowledge and energy secrets of healing masters
  • And what is most priceless of all ... Love itself

All of this for just £27.00 

At the check out you will also have the option to pay an amount greater than £27 if you would like to put more wind beneath my wings for the Mission.

What Others Are Saying ...

Sandra I am so excited today because LOVE works powerfully to heal and now I am wondering what other magic it will bring about. As you know I have had muscular rheumatism for almost 4 years and have tried all the tools I have learned and more. Well last night when I worked with your video bringing in the energy of love to the place of pain I began to notice a loosening of my tight muscles. Well today I am beginning to feel an even greater flow of movement. It is ongoing but I feel I am beginning to find the healing I was longing Margarita F, Ireland

I used this for intense emotional pain. The explanation about the pain resulting from absence of energy was a needed piece of knowledge that helped the process flow really well. I especially found a lot of benefit in the part about giving permission to feel as you do as the first step. My pain improved within minutes. I will be coming back to this beautifully guided process again and again. Anne B, Chicago

Brilliant 8 videos with Love. Only yesterday I shared to my people about Allowing and accepting any feelings in the current event they had. I used word Be compassion to Our self so we can give self forgiveness to ourselves. I was yawning much when I did that 8 videos. Felt so much better using it to heal one particular big painful event. Continue to do it. Thank You for all efforts You put it on. It’s wonderful. Sasanti Paramita Rahayu Murat Malaysia

Painful head and neck. I can’t believe how differently I feel. I had dizziness in my head and a heavy pain in my neck from the stresses of a very challenging situation. It was getting to be such a heavy burden. Now after 10 - 15 minutes with you I’m set free and light again and even feel strength buzzing in my body with the power to go on.. Thank you Sandra. Homa A, Middlesex

For the first try with these videos I was so relaxed and went into a sleepy mood. I was not familiar with the idea of energy but I continued. I have backbone pain for a very long time. It’s very persistent. At the end I felt a few points of decrease in my pain. Thanks for the easing of the pain. Semih C, Turkey

I was initially unsure about visiting my pain, but I did it anyway. It was like a thick black blob. With Sandra’s instructions it began to develop holes in it, softening and turned grey then pinkish, softened like ripe peaches then into soft downy feathers and I could feel a wave of energy rise up through my body and release. I highly recommend experiencing this for yourself and see what happens. Wishing Sandra all the best in bringing this understanding and help to thousands and thousands of people. Lots of love xx Dee G, Oxfordshire

I used the videos to heal some pain. I had pulled a muscle in my hip area. I saw it as a burning tennis ball and hard. Then it softened and disappeared and went out of my body. Loved the video and will use again and share. Bless You. x Barbara B, Notts UK

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