Heart Healing with Sandra Hillawi

Guided meditations to heal your heart and build heart power

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A series of meditations to stabilise your emotions, heal and strengthen your heart energy and grow your heart power.

"I have developed these meditations from my own healing path. Accompanying my dearest beloved in his own difficult health journey is emotionally demanding and these meditations help me stabilise my emotions, raise my energy and heart power to be able to continue in strength love and faith.

I am making these meditations available to you now to giveyou low cost healing support, stability for your emotions and power for your heart as today's life is challenging to say the least. We all need the power of our hearts to shine and be strong for ourselves and for those we care for and support. I hope you will find them helpful too for your journey.

I have left the check-out open to 'pay what you want', to allow those who don't have the means to have access to healing support. To those who have the ability I thank you for purchasing these meditations as all proceeds support our own health care costs which are ongoing."

With my love and thanks,

Sandra Hillawi

Helpful for when you are feeling

Fear, anxiety and overwhelm

Tired or emotional

Heart ache or heart break

Flat and disconnected from yourself

Start Healing Now and Build Your Heart Power !

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