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E.M.O. Energy In Motion Master

20 Years Anniversary

International Celebration & Training

Register for this special anniversary EMO Master Practitioner Training with the World's most experienced Modern Energy Trainer Sandra Hillawi

22-23-24 July 2022 on Zoom

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Helping you master your emotions and feelings

New to EMO?

This is your chance to learn the simplest and most powerful energy transformation modality to assist the flow of your emotions so that you can set yourself free from blocked emotions, heal and expand your heart, master your state, understand your life lessons, get into your flow and your evolutionary stride in your life! This is for your emotions and feelings, for you to help your freinds and family and to empower you to help your clients.

How does EMO work?

Energy loves to flow so with EMO you simply locate where you are blocked in the body with your stuck, painful emotions and issues... "where do I feel this in my body?" .....and you "soften and flow" using your intention. Energy flows immediately through the body and out, transforming your state. It's simple, natural, powerful, immediate and surprisingly easy! Even kids can do it!..... and its content free!!

The course will teach you the art and skills of being a true Energist. You wil learn how to work with the energy body and the matrix of their life events and relationships in a very targetted way. You will be able to heal injuries, restore flow and raise the energy of love for yourself and your clients.

20 Years have seen EMO be tested with thousands of people. It is now a trusted, reliable modality and is the foundation to all other Modern Energy methods.

Special Offer for a Special Event

This special anniversary unbelievable offer price will never be seen again. This is your chance to learn and become an EMO Master, with the power to transfrom your emotions and let everything work better in your life with EMO to flow your energy, at a fraction of the normal fee!

Already know and love EMO?

Come and celebrate with us exploring and playing with all our favourite EMO transformation patterns for self help and for practitioners. Meet old EMO friends, make new ones! Laugh, cry, love, learn and evolve. Spend some time for loving yourse;f, breaking through, finding new levels of flow and love. Special river rates price to tempt you back!

This training of 2 days and 2 hours, leads to EMO Master Practitioner qualification with The Guild of Energists.

The Number 2

EMO launched in 2002, is now 20 years old in 2022. Our celebratory Training is 2 days and 2 hours. Significance of the number 2? Making connections, relationships, distances to travel, awakenings!

Check out the special price for your happiness also based on the number 2 !!!!

The Special Anniversary Training Fee includes:

Live training on zoom with Sandra Hillawi for 2 hours and 2 days

Colour manual by PDF personally licenced to you

Certificate, PDF and qualification as an EMO Master Practitioner

Special one time only, never to be repeated, unbelievably good price!!

1 Year professional membership of The GoE


Register today and you will also receive a free gift of

Lifetime Access to The Replays

for unlimited guided sessions for healing and transformation,

inspiration and unlimited skills refreshment

The EMO Master Training with Sandra Hillawi is normally £645 ....

Special One Time Only Offer

to make EVERYONE happy able to join us

ONLY £222 wowww!!!

Register Now

to ensure a place on this special 20 year anniversary

EMO Master training event!



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