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Growing Compassion

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Love Greetings to You!

After completing the beautiful 8 week course of Healing With Love the next natural step is to explore Compassion that we may grow deeper and wider in our Compassion for ourself and for others.

This is an exploration of the nature of Compassion and how much Compassion can heal and change us and the world around us. It includes time for discussion, spiritual experience, healing and reflection.

The offering is a set of video recordings of a very special and beautiful 8 week live course which was lead by myself in 2019, originally offered at £247.

The beautiful advanced Souls participating in the course have given their blessing to offer these recordings on the special occassion of helping raise funds for family health care costs in a cancer journey.

I thank them all Dieter Maas, Dr Rosette Poletti and our dearly beloved late Sr Margarita Foley for their Compassion.

For this reason I suggest a price below but leave the check out open for you to pay what you want.

The subjects we explore during the course are set out below. You can use these recordings to listen and reflect or participate in the guided sessions to heal and evolve personally.

My love and thanks to you,

Sandra Hillawi

Explored in These Course Recordings

The Nature of Compassion and its Energy Movements

Compassion for Your Self

Deepening and Widening Your Compassion

Compassion for Others

Healing with the Energy of Compassion

Suffering and Compassion

Why Compassion is a Greater Form of Love

Group Healing with Compassion

Growing Compassion for The World Around Us

Weekly Guided Experiences

Sharing, Reflection, Discussion

Your Personal Transformation Journey

Start Your Own Journey of Compassion!

Your purchase helps raise funds which support our family cancer journey. Thank you.

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